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Become Pre-qualified

Become Verified

One of the most important parts of the home buying process is the verified pre-qualification. With the verified pre-qualification process, you'll determine for how large a mortgage you qualify. This is in contrast to pre-qualification where there's simply an evaluation of your finances without a commitment letter.

When you're pre-qualified through DCU Realty, you'll receive a letter that states you're qualified for a mortgage loan up to a specific amount. This indicates to the sellers you're a serious candidate and that your offer should be seriously considered because you have the financial resources to fulfill your offer. The DCU Realty verified pre-qualification letter gives you an edge over other buyers because it demonstrates to the seller you've been evaluated for financial worthiness.

At DCU Realty, we help you become verified. Just follow the link below to our pre-qualification form. Fill it out with all the important information and submit it to us. We'll process it and provide the necessary approval documentation to help expedite the process of your selection of a home.

Become verified for a loan

Mortgage Guide

Streetwise Mortgage Guide

A portion of the American dream for some is home ownership where one enjoys the fruits of their labor with the ones they love.

But it can quickly turn into the American nightmare with the wrong choice of a mortgage where payments balloon, terms change, and fine-print restrictions prevent adequate relief.

That's where our STREETWISE MORTGAGE GUIDE comes in to help. In our mortgage guide, we'll show you:

Financing calculators

Mortgage Calculators

Now that you understand more about the mortgage process through our Streetwise Mortgage Guide, it's time to do some calculations.

We have various and sundry mortgage calculators on the DCU website to help you to make financial decisions about your mortgage. We have calculators to help you decide:

We also have many additional financial calculators to help with savings, credit, and retirement planning.

financing mortgages

DCU Mortgage

Enjoy the convenience of working with DCU Realty — mortgage resources and agents to help you buy or sell your home, with the convenience, power and backing of DCU, the largest credit union in the Northeast.

DCU Realty Offers a One Place Stop for Your Home and Your Mortgage.

Working with DCU Realty will enable you to conveniently apply for a mortgage at a low, competitive rate, without hassle through DCU Mortgage. All of our mortgages are processed locally to remove the difficulty of dealing with an out-of-state company, sometimes without a brick-and-mortar location. Many mortgage companies sell the processing of their mortgages to others. We keep mortgage processing local.

DCU Mortgages

Find out more about DCU mortgages:

Become Pre-Qualified

Our simple pre-qualification form is also available online for your convenience.

mortgage rates

DCU Mortgage Rates

DCU offers an assortment of mortgage loans depending upon your circumstances and needs.

We offer:

  • Home Equity Loans of 5, 10, 15 and 20 year fixed along with Equity LinePLUS loans;
  • Mortgage Loans of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 year fixed, 5/5 and 5/1 year adjustable;

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